Monday, January 18, 2010

song: This is How the World Will End

Please watch this video by my favorite band, The Elms for "This is How the World Will End." A close friend of the band, Luke Renner, has been living and working in Haiti since last summer to educate the people and bring awareness to the world. In light of the recent disaster, all proceeds from digital sales of the song will go to help relief effort in Haiti through Care International and Luke Renner's Caribbean Institute of Media Technologies.

"We desire only for the images in this video to offer you a direct look at the people of Haiti as our friend Luke has gotten to know them - they are beautiful, precious people, who we have a human responsibility to always - but now more than ever. Please watch the film, take these people into your heart, and give to them of your resources as soon as possible." - from The Elms' website

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